Public Transit

Is public transit available in your neighborhood? In 2012, the Eastern Shore MPO designated the Baldwin Rural Area Transit System (BRATS) as the public transit provider for the Metropolitan Planning Area.

BRATS services the entirety of Baldwin County through demand response routes (pick-up at your door and drop-off your destination), deviated fixed routes (follow a basic route but deviate to pick-up and drop-off riders), and contract routes (for schools, health organizations, etc).  The BRATS fleet transports individuals to daily appointments, to shop, buy groceries or just visit with friends and neighbors.

Brats has received numerous awards for outstanding service from our National, County, State and Regional Government, as well as recognition for our efforts toward environmental protection.

BRATS currently runs Monday through Friday year round and serves all areas of Baldwin County. For more information about BRATS please visit their website.

For more information about the MPO’s Public Transit Plan, please visit our “Other Planning Documents” page.

Click here to view our informational video about BRATS